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Returnal Likely The Next Playstation Exclusive on PC

Returnal's PC port may have just been leaked by a user on an online forum. From details on the one-minute video itself to its possible implications for a nearing reveal, here's everything you absolutely need to know about this leak.

Returnal Likely The Next Playstation Exclusive on PCIn an apparent leak yesterday on the icon-era forums, a user posted a nearly one-minute clip of never before seen footage from the long-rumored PC port of Housemarque’s 2018 roguelite “Returnal.” It’s unknown how the user obtained the video, but it’s now blocked by Sony in all regions.

Over the last year, Sony has been slowly bringing more and more of their console-exclusive games over to PC. Since May of 2021, the company has been making a notable push to broaden its player base outside of console owners. To date, they’ve released 5 titles to PC, every single one of which leaked ahead of their official reveals.

In the leaked clip we get a glimpse of the port’s graphics menu, showing off options for ray-tracing, DLSS, and resolution scaling. Not much else is shown, but as they flip through the settings you can see minor changes to the foliage and particles behind the menu, giving just a taste of how these settings will affect the visuals.

Sony is yet to give an official response to the alleged leak, but given how quickly Sony removed the video, it would appear an announcement for Returnal on PC might be on its way soon.

Source: the leak on icon era

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