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Return To The Wasteland In Rage 2’s Second Update

The second update for Rage 2 has been released, bringing some much needed bug & glitch fixes, plus some new game modes. Despite the games cool reception, ID Software is steadfast in providing a stream of new content over the course of 2019. Let's check out just some of what you can expect to be doing, post game, in Rage 2.
Return to the wasteland in Rage 2's second update

Return to the wasteland in Rage 2’s second update

It’s fair to say that the Rage IP hasn’t had the best of lives; considered by many to be a mediocre first-person shooter, despite the excellent pedigree of its developer. Rage 2 had hoped to turn the fledgling hopes of the series, entering life with a bang, but ultimately leaving with a wimpier. Regardless, ID Software & Avalanche Studios have a detailed roadmap of content coming for the remaining fanbase, continuing with its second update, which is Available now. 

The second update brings three new game modes – New game+, Ironman mode & ultra nightmare difficulty. Rage 2 also continues to be embracing its wacky side, adding two new cheat codes, dash rag doll & super knock-back. In a move that I can only deduce as a celebration of the release of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, a voice pack has also been added to the game that will give your character the voice of BJ Blazkowitz. The second update & a peak at what’s to come in the future is detailed in the tweet below.

Along with these gameplay enhancing goodies, bug & glitch fixes are also on their way. Will these quality of life changes can keep people playing Rage 2 back to the game is one question; whether these updates & improvements can bring people back to the game is another. Although we mostly enjoyed Rage 2, we did criticise it for fairly derivative of other games, in our review

Rage 2 is available for PS4, Xbox One & PC

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