Retro Action RPG “Hunt the Night” set to launch on 13th April

Hunt the Night is a retro-style action-adventure game which combines fast, skilled gameplay and dark fantasy lore, which is set to release soon on PC with a release date of April 13th while arriving at consoles on a later date.

Retro Action RPG

Hunt the Night is an upcoming Retro RPG which combines many interesting aspects of its genre. The game is being made by Moonlight Games and being Published by Dangen Entertainment. Hunt the Night will launch for PC via SteamGOG, on the 13th of April and on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Switch consoles later. The game looks beautiful with its throwback art style.

Game Overview

The following is an overview of the game as provided by Dangen Entertainment;

Hunt the Night is a retro-style action-adventure game that combines fast, skilled gameplay with dark fantasy lore. Play as Vesper, a virtuous member of ‘The Stalkers,’ and explore the vast world of Medhram, a place filled with ruins and horrors. Go through dungeons full of gruesome enemies, fight challenging bosses, and use your arsenal of weapons and dark powers to take back the Night.

Hunts in Hunt the Night

Hunts in Hunt the Night


It is the 9th Age of humanity. The cycle of the day is ruled by humans, the night one by horrid creatures. Despite its efforts, humanity is annihilated with every arrival of the Night. A group of humans, calling themselves ‘The Stalkers,’ discovered how to use the power of darkness to their advantage and fought the Night. However, it was not enough, and with every new dawn, humanity rose again, knowing that with darkness comes extinction.

Hunt the Night Characters

Hunt the Night Characters

Humanity found the ‘Seal of Night,’ an artefact that allowed them to stop the cycle in an everlasting day. In exchange for a blood oath that The Stalkers were willing to pay, the sun ruled for hundreds of generations, and, for the first time, hope was a beacon of light. Yet fate proved unstoppable, and they paid the ultimate price.
Now, as the Night starts devouring every single glint of light, Vesper, a Stalker by right and daughter of the traitor, will travel to a dying land trying to save the last embers of humanity. She hunts in a race against destiny as the shadows lengthen both in the world and in her mind.


Vesper must defeat the venerable creatures of the Night in Hunt the Night’s devastating boss fights. In order to survive through difficult patterns that can get more difficult, players must study their weak points, assault patterns, and survival strategies. In addition to boss fights, Vesper can accept “Hunts” at the “Crow’s Nest” headquarters, find the dark beast, and hunt the most formidable Night animals for rewards. Players can adjust their strategy by finding defensive gear and moonstones, and upgrades are accessible from NPCs in the hub.

Hunt the Night Combat

Hunt the Night Combat

Hunt the Night stands out in the action RPG genre thanks to its gothic pixel visuals, conventional sprite animation, and dark symphonic soundtrack. The main theme is composed by Hiroki Kikuta, the renowned Japanese composer of Secret of Mana.

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