Resident Evil: ReVerse is Officially Launching Next Month

Following a delayed launch that otherwise coincided the release of Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil: ReVerse is finally launching next month. The game was made to be the multiplayer aspect to the recently released mainline title. Players can anticipate a fun multiplayer experience, involving characters that mutate as they die for the first time at every round.

Resident Evil: ReVerse is Officially Launching Out Next Month

Originally not released to coincide Resident Evil Village’s, Resident Evil: ReVerse is finally launching out next month.

Resident Evil: ReVerse was meant to be the free add-on to the recently-released Resident Evil Village. Essentially, as it’s multiplayer component, similar to how Resident Evil Resistance was the multiplayer game for Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Although the game had technically been playable as part of a testing, the game has not officially launched to this day. This means that those videos circulating the internet involving ReVerse’s gameplay are dated at best and were subject for improvements.

As for the multiplayer game itself, it will feature a co-op deathmatch game among players of six. Each team is consistent of familiar Resident Evil figures; Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and Ada Wong, but comes with a twist. Killing a player does not necessarily result to death, but rather forces a shift to an undead form. Only when a mutated player is killed does death takes place.

Meanwhile, players who manage to endure as an undead can lead to evolutions that give rise to higher-tier mutant forms. Subsequently, introducing the likes of Nemesis and Tyrant into the field.

Resident Evil Re:Verse - Teaser Trailer

Aside from popular personas, the multiplayer game will also feature notable maps from across the entire franchise.

Resident Evil: ReVerse officially releases next month on consoles and PC.

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