Resident Evil 8 Allegedly Most Disturbing Title Yet

Resident Evil 8 will allegedly be the most disturbing entry in the series, according to one known insider. It is also set to be another major departure from the earlier entries, keeping in line with Resident Evil 7. Resident Evil 8 is rumored to release later next year.

Resident Evil 8 Allegedly Most Disturbing Title Yet

According to industry insider Dusk Golem (@AestheticGamer1), Resident Evil 8 is set to be the “darkest and most gruesome RE yet”. Dusk Golem is the insider who originally broke the news on the newest entry in the Resident Evil series. The original tweets on April 3rd gave us some insight on what the newest entry would be about, citing it would take some “serious departures” from the series. 

When asked to clarify what is meant by “gruesome”, Dusk Golem implies both the backstory and the enemy designs themselves are fairly disturbing. This latest rumored entry in the series was not always meant to be Resident Evil 8, according to the insider. This upcoming title was originally supposed to be Resident Evil Revelations 3, but it tested very well internally and became Resident Evil 8. 

More revelations, pardon the pun, include the fact that we will see a redesigned Chris Redfield and it shall divide the fanbase even further than Resident Evil 7 did. A sizeable portion of the player base was not happy with the departure Resident Evil 7 took from the mainline series, with the supposed returning first-person perspective among the gripes.

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While all this info is incredibly exciting, Dusk Golem says it will be over a year from now until we are introduced to Resident Evil 8. Are you excited for yet another stark departure for the series? Or are you pining for the games to return to their roots?

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