Resident Evil 7 tops UK Sales Charts

Capcom's latest horror blockbuster Resident Evil 7 has successfully breathed life into a franchise thought to be dying horribly by fans, and the sales figures sure are showing it! In the first week of its release, Resident Evil 7 has topped UK Sales Charts, further underlining the success of the game.

Resident Evil 7 tops UK Sales Charts
Resident Evil 7 has already proven very popular with gamers and critics both, earning not only praise from its players, but extremely favourable reviews from many popular gaming publications, achieving scores anywhere within the high 7's to even the coveted 9/10 spot that so few games reach.

These feelings are clearly reflected in the amount of people that picked up the game in the UK, as the game takes the best selling title of the past week. Resident Evil 7 surpassed many other great games, taking the top spot from Grand Theft Auto V and beating new releases such as Kingdom Hearts HD II.8, Yakuza 0 and more.

This result was to be somewhat expected of course. The Playable Demo of the game created a huge buzz around not only its atmospheric take on environmental horror, but also the cryptic meaning behind the various in-game items that hinted at something more lurking behind the scenes. This hype never seemed to die down, building more and more until the eventual release of the game. With such a hype train behind it, there's no surprise it landed at the top of the chart for UK sales this week. The interesting part will be seeing how long it retains its lead in the charts, and how long it stays relevant before sales drop. With DLC being almost guaranteed for the game, along with many possibly unfound secrets, I personally wouldn't be surprised to see Resident Evil 7 lingering at the top of the charts for a while longer.

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