Resident Evil 7 Merch now for sale on Merchoid!

Resident Evil 7 merch is now available, and Christmas just got a whole lot scarier. The much-anticipated game releases January 24th 2017, but if you can't wait that long, you can buy Resident Evil merchandise from the well-known vendor Merchoid! Which piece of merch will you be buying?

Resident Evil 7 Merch now for sale on Merchoid!
Resident Evil 7 looks damn good. We've still got just over a month until it releases however, and players are anxious to finally get their hands on it. Short of scouring the demo for clues and easter eggs, there is not much out there for fans of the upcoming horror game. Well, until now.

Popular merchandise vendor Merchoid has announced their brand new line of Resident Evil themed clothing, celebrating the upcoming launch of Resident Evil 7 and the 20th anniversary of the first game. This new line includes both new and classic imagery from the series, and includes t-shirts, hoodies, and jumpers. The designs are simple, yet work beautifully on the clothing and are a must-have for any fan of the massively popular survival horror series.

You can check out Merchoid's Resident Evil clothing line and more on their website.

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