Resi 2 Remake Rating Reveals Microtransactions

It has been confirmed by the ratings board, the ESRB, that Resident Evil 2 Remake will contain "in game purchases". Quite what for, we don’t yet know. It may well be that we have to wait for the game’s release to find out for sure.

Resi 2 Remake Rating Reveals Microtransactions

Much like PEGI, its American counterpart for rating games, the ESRB takes several themes of a game into consideration before deciding on its final rating for release. Since tensions came to a head among several governments and gambling commissions around the world, it’s now fairly standard practice for these ratings boards to take in-game purchases into account when making that final decision. 

To nobody’s surprise, the ESRB rated Resident Evil 2 Remake M for Mature. That may have had something to do with corpses that have their guts hanging out across the floor, the fleshy squib monsters or our heros constantly swearing in sheer disbelief at all this horribleness. Quite how in-game purchases will play into this single player experience remains a mystery.

Capcom has announced costume DLC for the game, however. This would be a preferred reason for the ESRB’s “in-game purchases” stamp as we have seen single player games suffer from microtransaction economy in the past. Regardless of how things shake out, Capcom is hoping for Resident Evil 2 Remake to become a financial success. If so, it will pave the way to a Resident Evil 3 Remake which, we can all agree, would not be a bad thing. 

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