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Renoir available on KickStarter

New story-driven 2.5D puzzle platformer that draws a deep drag of inspiration from film noir genre gets on KickStarter and needs your help and of course money to be developed.

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In these days it is hard to develop a successful game and get enough money to cover the whole project and costs. And there is a new game coming which should get your attention. Because platform type games are not very common and making a game in the noir style is something worth looking at. Go to the KickStarter page to read the whole story and details.


Our mission is to drench our video game in that one-and-only mood and aesthetic of the film noir, while adding our own unique flavor to the mix: the characters, the gameplay and, of course, the story…


It’s being developed by Soulbound Games consisting of three core guys and eight friends and collaborators. And if the game should see the light of the day it needs to collect at least £39,000. Check the video with explanations posted below to see and feel the atmosphere of the hard life in Renoir.

What’s the plot?

James Renoir wakes up. Nothing is unusual – not the place, not his condition.

Except that he’s dead.

Nothing unusual, but everything changed.

And so the wheels of the gameplay and the story start their turn.

Renoir must find out what happened and why, but he quickly finds he can’t communicate with the living — shock gives way to that hollow sense of ‘alone’. No one but he can find the clues that’ll bring the answers; that can lead him to his killer…


You will be able to control also other crime victims to continue in your investigation and solve puzzles.

What’s the current status of the game?

We have been working on RENOIR part-time over the last 6 months — shaping its visual style, testing various gameplay prototypes and tailoring its story.So far we have a prototype with challenging and fun core gameplay mechanics along with a finalized visual style of the game. 

We’ve also completed the story backbone and designed some of the key game locations.A lot of work has been done, but we are still in an early phase of development. Some 18 months of full-time work lies ahead before we can complete the whole game. That includes designing secondary gameplay mechanics, locations, puzzles, story sequences and a good deal more.

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We think that it is correct to say that the game has a great atmosphere and if the story will be well presented and entertaining it could easily take away many hours of your time. Let’s hope that the visualisation and great voice of the main character is just the beginning and the game will become something really precious in the future. But to get there it needs your help. So if you like how it looks like go to the KS page and donate few bucks, pounds or whatever you use. You can get the full game just for $10.

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