Remedy Reveals More Details On New IP P7

The Quantum Break developer shares some info on their upcoming new IP. The Finnish developer is working hard on a new third-person action game with a strong focus on replay value.

Remedy Reveals More Details On New IP P7
Eurogamer sat down with the Quantum Break developer to discuss their current game projects. Creative director Sam Lake had some interesting news to share regarding the nature of upcoming project P7. The developer also revealed that the Finnish studio has currently 140 developers working on two games, free-to-play CrossFire 2 and the aforementioned P7. Unfortunately, no release dates were given for either of the games in progress. Moving onto the mysterious P7 project, it appears that the game will be published by 505 Games and will be multi-platform. The game is also set to be a third-person action game with an attempt to add some "long-lasting mechanics" in order to increase replay value. Sam had this to say regarding the nature of the game,

Well we are exploring the idea of: we want to retain strong storytelling and strong characters and strong world-building that we have done in the past, but also we want to find ways for the players to be able to spend more time with an experience,…that it's not just played once through and then you are done in a weekend. Exploring ways to expand that side of the thing without losing what we feel that we do really well.

Well there you have it, perhaps the project P7 will be revealed in one of the E3 press conferences. The studio is nonetheless very talented and are behind the Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Break franchises. Third-person action games is something they seem to have a knack for doing very well as many know. We will stay tuned for new developments on this.

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