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ReElise – a revolutionary video game for Christian gamers

Imagine a turn based, open word role-playing game with hand drawn 2D art and an original hip hop soundtrack. That is ReElis, a revolutionary video game for Christian gamers.

Video game for Christian gamers
Justin Fox, owner and creator of Noroom, LLC, launched the Hip-hop, Classic, Hand-animated, Christian Role-Playing-Game on Kickstarter called “ReElise” on August 2nd, 2016.

Since 2011 he has developed “ReElise” mostly by himself as a hobby before he decided to make sacrifices to see the title become reality. Justin knows the game is important to the Christian gaming culture. At the same time, this is a witness to the Christian faith through Hip Hop and other allegorical, biblical themes.

With classic entertaining gameplay, rich character development and an open world ReElise sets pace to capture the heart of every gamer that loves role-playing games. Our launch is set for August 31st, 2017.

ReElise diversifies the Christian video game industry by starring a black female lead character named, Elise. Who after surviving traumatic human trafficking for seven years, she, a friend, and two other mercenaries are on a quest to topple an entire kingdom to make the world in their image. If anyone gets in the way of her brand of justice, they must be eliminated.

Game features

  • A classic Active-Time-Battle (ATB) System to keep you on the edge of your seat
  • Intense Hip-Hop Rap Battles!!
  • "Emo System" – a unique new way to level up while learning more about each character's past
  • Multiple endings so you can choose your own path!
  • Detailed and hand-animated stages
  • Custom & Up-gradable weapons, in any configuration imaginable!

"We are proudly reaching out to find support raising funds for our Kickstarter to finish the development of “ReElise”. We are out to raise $50,000 to cover production, programming and marketing expenses while also allowing us to grow our community and directly incorporate valuable feedback into balancing and expanding the game."

Intense Hip-Hop Rap Battles
The trailer, screenshots, videos, and more information about ReElise can be found on Kickstarter and their official website.

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