Reddit User Leaked Apex Legends a Year Prior to Release

Apex Legends is supposed to be one of those games that came out when you least expected it. However, 11 months before the game's release, Reddit user hiticonic leaked a map rumored to be from the game, and no one believed him. Do you believe him now?

Apex Legends leaked a year prior, but was disbelieved
So much for Apex Legends popping out of nowhere.

Nearly a year before the game's surprise release, Reddit user hiticonic leaked a map rumored to be from Apex Legends in the Titanfall subreddit, but didn't explicitly say the game's title. Sadly, no one seemed to believe his claim and called him a fake for creating a map for the sake of receiving upvotes. "I really hope this doesn't happen" was the top comment. "They better not add battle royale in the next game" followed before the thread fell into radio silence from a long string of comments discrediting the validity of the map.

Now that Apex Legends has been out for a month, the map below turned out to be accurate, although Respawn tweaked it a bit and christened it Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends leaked a year prior, but was disbelieved. The map hiticonic shared on Reddit that would later be dubbed Kings Canyon.
In the Apex Legends subreddit, some people looked back on the leak fondly, while others still took the legitimacy of the map to task. "/u/hiticonic is a mod here. HMMMMMMMM. I smell intentional leaks from the dev team. I'm onto you," Awoo wrote after the Respawn Community Manager commented on the relief he felt when he saw that people smoothed the leak over.

Leaks are very fickle creatures. Some of them come into fruition, others don't. Either way, they need to be taken with a grain of salt until someone close to the project confirms them. Hiticonic is lucky Respawn confirmed the map to be accurate.

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