Red Stone 2 – closed beta started today

Red Stone 2 - closed beta started today.

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November 28th (today) starts First closed beta for chosen players of Red Stone 2. And for this occasion there are several videos which you should see.

Red Stone 2 is a "normal" MMORPG but the whole game is in 3D Anime style and there are some new features which should attract more players. Like character transformations. Every class can evolve into another person. For example Warrior can change to Berserker, Bowman to Magic Archer etc. 

Watch the videos to get better feeling about the game and follow the page not to miss new information.

Red Stone 2 Online Official Opening Trailer

Red Stone 2 Official Combat Gameplay

붉은보석2-홍염의 모험가들 1st CBT 늑대인간 전투 영상

붉은보석2-홍염의 모험가들, 1st CBT 캐릭터 생성 영상

붉은보석2-홍염의 모험가들, 1st CBT 마법사 전투 영상

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