Red Dead Redemption can soon be played on PC

Revolver, tick. Horse, tick. Damsel in distress, tick. Using PS NOW, the original Red Dead Redemption can be played on PC from the 6th of December.

Red Dead Redemption can soon be played on PC
Since launch, PC players have begged for Rockstar's hit title Red Dead Redemption to come to PC. From December 6th, Red Dead Redemption will be available on Sony's PS NOW streaming service. This includes the expansion, Undead Nightmare.

This means that you can rent Red Dead Redemption to play on many platforms including PC, PS4 and a selection of  Smart TV's. You can also buy a monthly subscription to PS NOW to get hundreds of PS3 games to stream including Red Dead Redemption, The Last Of Us and Heavy Rain.

This may of not been what PC players wanted but at least they can play the game if they don't own a last gen console.

Are you looking forward to playing Red Dead Redemption? Feel free to let us know down in the comments.

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