Red Dead Redemption 2 Leaks DLC And Remaster Plans (Rumour)

Red Dead Redemption 2 and its world of the Wild West is not quite done telling stories. An internal member of staff at Rockstar seems to have spilled some beans. Informative beans that wasted no time making the rounds on Reddit. As with all of the game industry’s leaks, caution must be taken with a big pinch of salt. However, what we have learned certainly seems to add up. Spoilers for the end of Red Dead Redemption 2 follow.
Red Dead Redemption 2 Leaks DLC And Remaster Plans (Rumour)

Red Dead Redemption 2 Leaks DLC And Remaster Plans (Rumour)

A Reddit user by the name of throwaway11113454 has divulged some tidbits of information, fresh out of Rockstar itself. He gained the Red Dead Redemption 2 knowledge through a friend who works on environments for Rockstar. Whether that “friend” is real is honestly up for debate. The long and short of it is that Rockstar is supposedly working on a large piece of story DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2, involving the man himself – John Marston. 

Given the nature of Red Dead Redemption 2’s ending, Marston’s involvement could involve a prequel story. What seems to be more likely, according to what throwaway11113454 has learned, is… aliens. Yes – aliens. What seems to be in the works is a similar DLC to Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare, which proved to be a massive hit. This would seem to make sense as many players have had close encounters of the third kind while exploring the Wild West. The DLC drop is reportedly due to arrive late this year / early 2020. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 Leaks DLC And Remaster Plans (Rumour)

Marston’s involvement in the supposed DLC raises some questions about RDR 2’s ending

As if this info dump from within Rockstar wasn’t enough, we have an added bonus to report. The rumour goes on to state Rockstar is working on a full fledged remaster of the original Red Dead Redemption. The remaster will supposedly involve new narrative and voice work from the existing cast. All in an effort to recognise Arthur Morgan’s presence in the timeline of events. Very tantalising indeed. 

As we said at the start of this piece – it’s big pinch of salt time. While information from an environment artist at Rockstar (whose job may now be in question) may seem credible, it’s important to remember a few things. Does he have access to such credible information? Is this whole thing an elaborate Reddit hoax? We’re leaning towards no as all this has a credible feel to it. That said, a GTA 6 teaser trailer recently released, seeming convincing enough (spoiler – the below is not real). Yet further news has emerged about what to expect from the next instalment of GTA

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