Red Dead Online Will Become a Standalone Experience

Rockstar will start selling Red Dead Online as a standalone game starting December 1. Now, players wanting the Wild West experience without the campaign can go ride horses with the rest of the community at a smaller cost. Make sure you snag it before February 2021 for the best deal.

Red Dead Online Will Become a Standalone Experience

Rockstar Games announced that starting on December 1, Red Dead Online will become a standalone game, including all current and future content updates.

If you never played Red Dead Redemption 2 and you are more of a multiplayer type of person, then this is your chance. To sweeten the deal, from now until February 15, 2021, you can get it 75 percent off, making it $4.99. Just know that it will be 123 GB, so make sure you have some space for the Western open-world online title.

Rockstar Games has taken RDR in a similar direction as GTA V due to its successful model. The studio has kept up with updates that add plenty of new content to the experience, leaving behind a lot of potential DLC for the singleplayer. It makes sense as GTA continues to be one of the highest-grossing games across the industry.

Going standalone for Red Dead Online may become a trend for the company. GTA Online will be following the same footsteps when it comes to next-gen consoles next year.

Red Dead Online: The Naturalist - Official Trailer

Will you be picking up Red Dead Online now that it’s a standalone game? What do you think of Rockstar selling it separately? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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