Realm Zero – Alpha 2 gameplay & more info

Realm Zero - Alpha 2 gameplay & more info.

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This indie game in development has entered into the Alpha Phase 2 and to celebrate this occasion Thomas from the Q&A members is showing the power of fireballs. Honestly the video is not very interesting and shows only few players, buildings and Thomas shooting fireballs around. But there are more interesting videos below and few information about the game in case you lack this kind of knowledge.

More interesting gameplay is in the Pre-Alpha progress from November 16th.

You can learn more about the game at the official site

But in general Realm Zero should be FPSMMO with dynamic environment that evolves based on the players decisions in the game. Here are some known facts.

Expected features:

  • Non-instanced player housing throughout the world.

  • Claimable territory and region control systems.

  • Item placement & construction / (demolition).

  • Monster spawning & loot table adjustment based on economical surroundings.

  • A robust crafting system, allowing players to provide their own creativity.


It should be like a traditional FPS game with ranged attacks like spells, archery and throwing skills. Of course melee combat is another option for close quarters. Camera could be switched between first, third person and drop camera views.

Death & Loot

The rule is simple. Free for all except "blessed" items which shouldn't be lootable by other players.


You will have the possibility to be a simple skilled blacksmith or invest improve your fighting skills. All is up to you.


Will be one of the most unique features within the game. Results of the crafted items will heavily depend on the material used or what magical elements were applied.


Will offer a safe haven with guard zones. Development of the town will be driven by the players' activities. However opposing factions and clans or players with thievery skill mastered may still make their dirty business within the town.

Player housing

Everyone will have to secure a plot of land to be able to construct their own house. Decorations of the interior are also planned.

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