Rayman Legends Is Available for Free on PC

Ubisoft has just announced on Twitter that Rayman Legends is currently free on PC until April 3rd. Even though it's for a limited time, Ubisoft giving one of their best games out for free is a nice gift for people who are going through the coronavirus outbreak.

Rayman Legends available for free on PC

Ubisoft has announced on Twitter that Rayman Legends is available for free on PC. It’ll be available until April 3rd, but Ubisoft giving one of there biggest games out for free is a nice offer during these depressing times.

The tweet of Ubisoft’s announcement of can be seen below:  

The coronavirus has affected many gaming events like E3 and SXSW. Games currently in development have also most likely been delayed, like the Smash Ultimate second Fighters Pass. Overall, this virus has affected the gaming industry in more ways than one. 

Rayman Legends‘ initial release was in 2013 and received great feedback. However, the Rayman series hasn’t had a mainline game since. Any Rayman game past 2013 has either been a port or a mobile game.

Rayman Legends - E3 2013 - Epic Trailer [UK]

Ubisoft being nice enough to make Rayman Legends on PC for free is a good idea to get everyone’s mind off the virus. Rayman Legends will join the list of games people can play while they’re in quarantine, even if this offer ends in a few days. Ubisoft’s decision here could encourage other gaming companies to do something similar.

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