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Raw Game Footage Showcases Biomutant’s Performance Benchmarks Across Multiple Platforms

With a high-anticipated release, THQ Nordic has released a few videos highlighting Biomutant's benchmarks on multiple platforms. From the superior PC to the capable last-gen consoles, the developing title is shown in its incomplete glory. But while current-gen platforms were not showcased, expectations suggest that it offers better backwards-compatibility performance across the board than last-gen platforms.

Raw Game Footage Showcases Biomutant’s Performance Benchmarks Across Multiple Platforms cover

THQ Nordic has released a gameplay video demonstrating Biomutant’s current performance benchmarks across different platforms.

The company’s developing title is about to become gold. To show something for it, three video footages were launched highlighting the varying performances it gets on last-gen consoles and PC.

Starting off with the PC version, the gameplay footage shows a promising uncapped 60 frames-per-second on a 4K display resolution. On the same framerate, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X also display an equally seamless performance, albeit at a lower 1080p dynamic resolution. Similar to their more capable siblings, the base PS4 and Xbox One versions run at 1080p, although at a reduced frame at 30 FPS.


There is no word of a native release to current-gen platforms, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, yet. However, those who do own the latest gaming consoles can expect to experience the game at better performance than the last-gen’s. Knowing how the free upgrade system works, it’s likely that the game will get a native port soon, which would resort to an overall better render of the game.

Fans of the open-world and action-adventure genre would have something to look forward to in Biomutant. A title in development for years, the game is shaping to be beautiful, based on available gameplay videos.

Biomutant - Gameplay Footage (PC)

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