Rarest Nintendo e-Reader Card of All Time Resurfaces on eBay

A long-lost Nintendo e-Reader card used in a promotion at E3 2002 has suddenly resurfaced on eBay. The Kirby-themed card, thought to have been destroyed after the event, is unverified, but the seller has also provided a video of a test being done on original Game Boy Advance hardware.

Rarest Nintendo e-Reader Card of All Time Resurfaces on eBayThe art of collecting video games and memorabilia appears to get crazier with each passing day. This weekend, a shocking claim came forth in the form of an eBay listing. Seller “andersoncentraal” is offering up what could potentially be the rarest Nintendo e-Reader card of all time.

Given out as promotional material at E3 2002, attendees were invited to experience the newly announced e-Reader accessory for the Game Boy Advance. Most Kirby cards offered up a message declaring that no prize was won. Only 100 second-prize cards were made, and there were only 10 first-prize cards. Attendees were supposed to swipe the cards in front of a Nintendo representative, who would then take the winning cards and tear them in half, ensuring their destruction so that nobody was able to obtain duplicate prizes.

This seller has a good eBay history, with an account dating back to 2005 and holding a 100% seller rating, but this card still hasn’t been independently verified. It’s also not mint, as it was allegedly swiped through an e-Reader as proof. That being said, if you have a few thousand dollars to spare, bidding is open until Thursday, July 22nd.

2002 E3 Kirby eReader Card Winner Verification

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