Rare Turns to Fans to Design Sea of Thieves Merchandise

Sea of Thieves developer Rare invites artists to design merchandise. Accepted entries will be sold through official stores. Accepted designs will earn the creators royalties ranging from $2.20 to $7.00.

Rare Turns to Fans to Design Sea of Thieves Merchandise

Fans of Sea of Thieves have been invited by Rare to submit custom apparel designs for the chance to have them turned into actual merchandise.

Teaming up with Design By Humans, Rare is giving artists the chance to have their design sold online, while offering them a royalty from sales. The royalty runs from $2.20 for men’s long T-shirts to $7.00 for certain hoodies.

There’s no limit to how many designs an artist can submit, but be sure to read over the rules and guidelines before getting to work. Any designs that get approved will be available to purchase in the Officially Licensed Sea of Thieves store, and artists will also get royalties from sales on a number of websites including Amazon and Walmart.

This won’t be Design By Humans’ first foray into video game merchandise, with Nintendo, Cuphead, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds having products listed on their website.

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