Rainway reinvents PC Gaming

Ever wanted to play your PC on a Nintendo Switch? Xbox? Android? Some of the newly developed software techniques allow games to be transmitted from your computer to another device in super-high quality with zero latency. It may sound like the future but its coming sooner than you think.

Earlier this year, Rainway announced an app that would redefine how you play on PC. Rainwaallows   youPC games to be streamed to any device with an Internet Browser. You'll simply visit their website, log in, and that’s all. Just start playing your favorite game on any device you want! (Android, iOS, Xbox, and other platforms) 

Having insanely low System requirements, it's compatible with practically any modern PC. And before you think that the graphics might take a hit, think again. Rainway announced that it will stream the games at a maximum resolution of 1080p and are currently working on 4k for the future. 

But that’s still not all! Even though Rainway is only in beta currently. It's determined to get support with all major platforms. Currently some big news has spiraled around support for the Nintendo Switch. Seeing as the switch doesn't have a proper web browser it's hard to say what Nintendo will do. 

Until Rainway comes to the public its all just speculation of what it holds. Fingers crossed that this could be the next step in PC gaming, and maybe even closing the gap between Console and PC. Further updates may come at E3.

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