Rainbow Six Siege Clone Area F2 is Shut Down

The Rainbow Six Siege clone Area F2 has been shut down after Ubisoft laid out a lawsuit against Apple and Google. The studio felt it was a "near carbon copy" of its tactical shooter after looking at the mobile title's victory and character select screens along with its gameplay and map layouts.

Rainbow Six Siege clone Area F2 is shut down

That was quick as four days after Ubisoft laid out a lawsuit against Apple and Google for a mobile Rainbow Six Siege clone, developer Ejoy decided to shut down Area F2 as of yesterday (May 20). 

The news from both the lawsuit and the latest update comes from industry analyst Daniel Ahmad who posted it on Twitter. In the post, it discloses that if anyone spent money when playing Area F2 is eligible for a refund; you just need to follow the guidelines for Google Play or the App Store, depending on which platform you used.

If you enjoyed your time with Area F2 until it was shut down, then don’t worry, it appears the developers are not giving up on it or you. In a Facebook post, it reveals that it will go under a rework to avoid any legal issues with Ubisoft. We will have to see what artwork or gameplay changes occur after some development time goes by.

“Thank you for your support of Area F2,” the statement reads. “We are carrying out improvements to Area F2 in order to deliver a better experience to players. Thus, we will terminate the service of the current version at 12:00 PM on 20 May 2020 (GMT+0).”

Area F2 Official Teaser Trailer

Ubisoft issued its lawsuit based on similarities between its tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege and Area F2. The studio used the mobile game’s victory, and character select screens are its prime examples for how it was a “near carbon copy” of its game.


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