Quantum Error Confirmed For Next-Gen Xbox Series X and Playstation

TeamKill Media announced that their cosmic-horror first person shooter will be making its way to Xbox after being teased as a Playstation exclusive back in August. The game has been confirmed for Xbox Series X, but it is unknown whether it will be released on Xbox Series S.

Quantum Error Confirmed For Next-Gen Xbox and Playstation Cover

TeamKill Media have confirmed that their cosmic horror first-person shooter will be coming to next-gen Xbox Series X, but have not committed it to Xbox Series S as of yet. Quantum Error was first announced as a PS5 exclusive at Opening Night Live through a blood-soaked teaser trailer, followed by 5 minutes of gameplay shown at the Future Games Show 2020.

In a series of tweets from their official Twitter page, the team stated that the decision to open as a PS5-exclusive was not for marketing purposes. They then followed this statement by confirming that releasing on Xbox Series X was to “allow more players to experience Quantum Error”

Some have criticised this move, claiming that the company used this announcement to gain traction. Others see it as proof that Xbox has performance issues which has led developers to stray away from releasing on the platform.

Quantum Error sees the player take the role of Captain Jacob Thomas, called to the burning Monad Facility after an unknown entity has attacked. Gameplay featured at the Future Games Show 2020 promised fleshy monsters, thrilling gun play, and atmospheric fear akin to Doom and Dead Space. If you’re interested, you can help out the team by donating to their Go Fund Me or read more over at their developer’s blog

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