Quantic Dream to Release Games on Epic Games Store

Quantic Dream will be releasing games on PC. All will be made exclusively on Epic Games Store. Will be available on other PC stores for a year.

Quantic Dreams to release games on Epic Games store
Quantic Dream, the studio behind Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human, will have its games released on the Epic Games store later this year. All three titles will become available later this year and will remain on the Epic Games store for a year, before coming to other PC distribution platforms.

When asked by IGN if any of these games would be receiving any updates, Quantic Dream Co-CEO and Head of Publishing Guillaume de Fondaumiere confirmed there will be, but that the developer is "not yet ready to discuss those changes." Other details, like controller support and mouse and keyboard control schemes, would be discussed at a later date as well.

De Fondaumiere also said, "despite moving these games away from being Sony exclusives, Sony continues to be a partner with whom we entertain an excellent relationship with." He also told IGN that Quantic Dream was "establishing our publishing strategy" when they learned of Epic Games' store. "Their unique proposition intrigued us and we reached out to them to learn more about their approach and evaluate the potential for a partnership".

He also mentions the Epic Games Store's revenue sharing as one aspect of making Epic Game a partner for distributing their games.

"While newly established, the Epic Games Store already boasts an impressive amount of users and every new exclusive release is going to raise awareness and attractiveness amongst the PC gamer community," de Foundaumiere said to IGN. "Their curation will enable our games to stand alongside other high-quality titles. Their selective catalog will give more exposure to our titles, in particular at launch."

Earlier this year, Quantic Dream announced that they would no longer be limited to making games exclusively for PlayStation.

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