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Quake Remaster Update 2 Adds Horde Mode + Honey Add-on

The Quake Remaster update 2 has just added Horde Mode to the game, alongside the new Honey add-on. Take on waves of enemies in Horde mode, or venture into a foggy village where a dark secret sleeps in the Honey add-on. The update also adds a number of new improvements.

Quake Remaster Update 2 Adds Horde Mode + Honey Add-on

The Quake Remaster Update 2 has just arrived, bringing with it the new Horde Mode and a new addon: Honey. Horde mode is a new multiplayer PVE experience that supports up to four players. Bots are supported in both local and online play. Four new maps were designed just for Horde mode. As for new improvements, the most significant is the fact that you can now play previously downloaded add-ons while offline. You can also change the crosshair type and color in options now. Furthermore, players on PC can now optionally invite friends across PC platforms from their Bethesda.net friends list.

The rules in Horde mode are simple. Players earn points by killing enemies, and taking out multiple foes in quick succession can earn you bonus points. Every 3rd wave will see you facing boss monsters and nets you a silver key if you clear it. These keys are in turn used to unlock additional weapons and items. If you survive long enough to clear the 9th wave, you’ll get the gold key, which opens the exit. However, no one is forcing you to leave, though. You could instead choose to stay and fight until you fall. Furthermore, monsters may drop the quad damage and pentagram of protection. Note that powerups last 5 seconds, and will disappear if not collected within 10 seconds).

Quake: Official Horde Mode Trailer – Available Now!

Meanwhile, the Honey add-on for the Quake Remaster Update 2 was created by MachineGames. Bethesda interviewed its chief level designer, Christian Grawert, for a behind-the-scenes look at its creation. Honey takes players into a village shrouded in fog where a dark secret sleeps. They’ll need to overcome a deadly plague that has descended upon the village. To step into the darkness, you can download Honey in the game’s add-ons menu.


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