PSVR Poised For 60 More Games. Xbox Won’t Bother

If you’re someone who bought a PlayStation VR and feels a little let down, it may soon be time to dust it off again. Between now and the end of the first quarter of 2018, we should expect to see sixty more titles available for it. Analysts continue to scratch their heads about Xbox’s position in all of this as it appears to be reluctant to bother with VR at all.

PSVR Poised For 60 More Games. Xbox Won't Bother
Sony Interactive Entertainment America President, Shawn Layden recently wrote on the PlayStation blog that over one million headsets have now been sold. In recognition of this ongoing success, sixty new titles will soon be available. Highlights include DOOM VFR, Moss, Obduction and The Inpatient. You can check out the full list of titles on PlayStation’s official site. To celebrate, there is currently a 40% off sale for VR games on the PlayStation Store which ends October 17th.  

PSVR Poised For 60 More Games. Xbox Won't Bother - DOOM VFR
All the while, the Xbox One sits in the looming shadow of PlayStation VR’s success. We’ve yet to hear any tangible news on how Xbox plans to rival its number one competitor in the arena of VR. In a recent interview with Wired, Senior Director of Product Management at Microsoft shed some light on the situation. In the run up to this year’s E3, there was much speculation as to whether the Xbox One X would allow VR compatibility. Or if we could use a kind of cross platform mixed reality with equipment used on a PC. Penello states “There’s still a tonne of experimentation in VR… That’s not designed to be a backhanded statement.” He goes on to compare the VR trend with the 3DTV, stating “moving the problem into the display of your goggles from the limits of the TV was a result of some of the 3DTV challenges. But VR has so much potential”

Penello appears to be dodging the question about what Microsoft’s plans are for a future in VR gaming. It may be that Microsoft feels a little burned after the failure of the Kinect. “We learned with the Kinect and the Wii that just translating a typical game experience to VR was not a winning strategy. It’s the oddball specific VR stuff that makes it sing. It wasn’t something we wanted to distract developers with this year”.

Do you agree with Penello’s vague statements? Let us know how you feel in the comments below. 

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