PS5 Software Update Introduces 1440p Support

Starting July 28, a new PlayStation software update will enhance gamers' experiences and make parties more user-friendly. PS5 beta participants in select countries will be able to experience gameplay on 1440p. This new system software beta also introduced gamelists, 3D audio comparisons, new social features and more.


PS5 Introduces 1440p Support in New Beta

According to the latest PlayStation Blog post, all PS5 owners will soon be able to experience 1440p HDMI video output on compatible PC monitors and TVs. This new update will allow players to benefit from native 1440p output if their desired game supports 1440p rendering. Games with a native 4K resolution will also benefit from anti-aliasing by supersampling down to 1440p output. To enjoy this new feature you will need to select 1440p in the resolution section of the Screen and Video settings of your PS5. 

PlayStation’s compatibility with modern display technology and compatibility has continued to improve recently. In April, variable refresh rates were added to the PS5. However, for some these updates are too late because Microsoft launched their Xbox Series X|S with 1440p and VRR support. 


PS5 beta users can also create gamelists for organizing games. The new update supports up to 15 gamelists that can contain 100 games per list. These lists will be located under the “Your Collection” section of the Game Library. The PlayStation Blog post states that every game in your library can be added to a game list, and you can add the same game to multiple lists. 

Examples of gamelists created through the PS5

Examples of gamelists created through the PS5

The PlayStation 4 already has the ability to create game folders for organization so this update should not affect that console. This is another example of the PS5 catching up to the Xbox Series X|S consoles. Microsoft’s gaming systems launched with the option for players to organize their games however they would like. Even the Nintendo Switch recently launched the option to sort and arrange games into “Groups” in its game menu. 

3D Audio

Another interesting feature to come to this software update is the ability to compare 3D audio and stereo audio through your PlayStation console. To try this, users will need to navigate to the “Listen and Compare for Headphones” tab in the settings. There you can hear the difference between the two sources and choose the audio profile you prefer. 

How to compare 3D audio to stereo audio with the PS5

How to compare 3D audio to stereo audio with the PS5

This option could be beneficial to PlayStation owners who do not know if their headphones support 3D audio and would like to find out. 

Social Features

Players will be able to request party members to share their screen through the voice chat card. Players will also receive a joinable game notification through the voice chat card when joining a party. This notification will appear when a party member is playing a game that you can join. You can join the game straight from the notification.

Sign-Up Now

If you are interested in signing up for the newest PlayStation system software beta you can register at the PlayStation website

The beta will be available to invited participants in the U.S., Canada, Japan, U.K., Germany and France. 

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