PS5 Outpaces Xbox Series X In Polls For Next Gen

Recent polls have the PS5 leading ahead of the Xbox Series X. In several polls conducted by different websites, gamers chose the PS5 as their favored console for the next generation. However, that is no reason to count the Xbox Series X out just yet, as Microsoft offers a subscription service that boasts more users than Sony's.

PS5 Outpaces Xbox Series X In Polls For Next GenFor gamers around the world, 2020 is a special year because it will see the release of new consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. Each console manufacturer promises to enhance the gaming experience with their new consoles. While Microsoft brags about the power of the Xbox Series X, Sony shows off its innovative DualSense controller and SSD, which will drastically reduce load times. According to many popular polls, the PS5 seems to be a favorite among gamers and scores far ahead of the upcoming Xbox Series X.

A poll was recently conducted by the pop culture agency Experience12. Over 3 000 participants from the UK took part in the poll between the 25th of June and the 2nd of July. It was revealed that 84% of participants were most excited about the PS5. The poll also showed that 37% of participants intend to purchase a new console at launch.

Experience12’s poll is not the only one that shows a gaming market that favors the PS5 over the Xbox Series X. An IGN poll also showed the PS5 to be the most popular next-gen console. The following question was asked: “After the big tech reveals, which next-gen system will you choose?”. The PS5 was the console of choice for 43.3% of participants, and the Xbox Series X was the chosen console for 25.7% of participants. Interestingly, 12.8% chose both, which is perhaps the best option if you do not want to miss out on any exclusives.

The PS5 sits comfortably ahead of the Xbox Series X in the IGN poll.

The PS5 sits comfortably ahead of the Xbox Series X in the IGN poll.

This pattern is repeated in polls done by other large websites. According to GIVEMESPORT, a poll conducted among gamers revealed that 80% prefer the PS5 over the Xbox Series X. Another poll conducted by Android Authority accumulated over 13 000 votes and has 61.9% of participants selecting the PS5 and 33% choosing the Xbox Series X.

Sony’s goodwill among gamers may be a product of many factors. The PS4 has been very successful and has drawn in many gamers thanks to popular exclusives. In 2020 alone, Ghost of Tsushima sold 2.4 million units in its first three days. The Last of Us Part II, a highly anticipated sequel, sold over 4 million copies in its first week. Sony’s strategy of offering polished AAA experiences that can only be experienced on their platform may be paying off.

However, Microsoft also has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. The Xbox Game Pass has been far more successful than any of Sony’s subscription services. According to Business Insider, as of 2020, Xbox Game Pass has over 10 million users, while PlayStation Now by Sony only has 2.2 million subscribers. This may indicate that Microsoft’s advantage lies in offering attractive subscription services that can be enjoyed on both Xbox and PC.

Xbox Series X - Xbox Games Showcase - Xbox Game Studios Announce Trailer

It seems that there will be something for everybody in the next generation of gaming. Whether you are interested in the PS5, the Xbox Series X, or both, there is plenty to be excited about.

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