PS4 Digital Sales Skyrocket During Pandemic Period

Sony has reported a huge rise in the sale of digital games between April and June 2020, which can be partly credited to gamers staying indoors more during the coronavirus pandemic. This matches up with what was PlayStation’s largest ever first quarter seeing big earnings in software sales and continued success for the PS4 as its tenure begins to wind down.

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Record-breaking numbers were a common theme amongst Sony’s quarterly financial statement for the period between March 31 and June 30, 2020. Perhaps the most significant of these is the 91 million games that were sold on PlayStation in this quarter, 74% of which were digital versions. That’s an 83% increase of digital sales year-on-year which heavily supports the changing consumer trends of gamers which has seen physical software progressively go out of favour in recent years.

Of course, part of this spike in digital sales has to do with the coronavirus pandemic forcing gamers to stay at home due to various forms of lockdown depending on the region. Isolation means more time spent browsing the PlayStation Store which equals more games purchased through the PS4’s digital marketplace. Sony also credits the launch of The Last of Us Part II to be a major driving force behind the impressive 18.5 million first-party titles that found their way in the hands of PlayStation gamers during this period.

The Last of Us Part II - Official Story Trailer | PS4

Furthermore, despite the PS5 grabbing plenty of headlines and consumer interest during this quarter, the PS4 still managed to sell 1.9 million units bringing its lifetime total to over 112 million. This cements its spot in fourth place on the list of best-selling consoles and inches it slightly closer to the Gameboy and Gameboy Color’s combined 118 million units sold. The PS Plus subscription base is now 45 million strong, so Fall Guys will launch to an already thriving market.

With Ghost of Tsushima breaking more sales records at its launch, it’s likely that PlayStation’s earnings between July and September in 2020 will continue to look healthy. It’ll be interesting to see if the large majority of software transactions will continue to remain digital moving forward. And with the release of the PS5 still promised for the holiday season this year, then PlayStation may yet have a few more records to break in 2020.

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Jacob Gurney

Not too surprising. Some of the sales they’ve been having lately are ridiculous! A lot of good games for cheap the past few months.

Last edited 1 month ago by Jacob Gurney

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