PS3 Production In Japan Has Ended

PlayStation Japan announces the end of the PS3 production. The last generation console had been outselling the Xbox One in that country every week.

PS3 Production In Japan Has Ended
The official PlayStation website in Japan just announced the end of production for the PS3. Shipments have now officially closed for the console that launched on November of 2006. It is a very significant business decision for a console that was continuously outselling the Xbox One in Japan every week. As sad as it may be, Sony will no doubt focus its resources in order to continue building on the success of the PS4 and future hardware as it should be. This closes a 10 year period that was marked by extreme highs and lows.

The PS3 launched a year after the X360 with a much bigger price tag. This caused the new console to experience a severe marketplace share loss in favor of Microsoft and Sony found itself for the first time since they entered the console race in third place. After much risking and investing in numerous new gaming studios and IPs coupled with a number of price drops, things were turned around. By the release of the PS4, the PS3 had surpassed the mighty X360 in sales. It was a long generation, one that saw the emerging of great franchises such as Uncharted, Resistance, Infamous or The Last of Us. It was a great system with even better games. Rest in peace. It was a good run.

What were the best memories our readers had with the PS3? Let us know in the comments.

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