PS Plus Free Games For August Include Mafia 3 And More

PS Plus subscribers score some big titles this month with Mafia 3 and Dead By Daylight for PS4. The past few months have been a bit weaker in terms of free games. This month shows that perhaps Sony is trying to up their game overall with PS Plus.

Mafia 3 and Dead By Daylight Head Up PS Plus August Free Games!
PS Plus subscribers have been wanting more Triple A games made available for free with the monthly free games program from Playsation for quite a while. There have been some good months recently but this month shows Sony cares about their fanbase and what they offer to them as well. The free games for PS4 owners this month are Mafia 3 andf Dead By Daylight respectively.

Mafia 3 is the newest addition to the open-world crime family series focusing upon Linccoln Clay. He's a criminal with aims to begin his own crime organization and take revenge on the Italian mob for killing his family. It received mixed reviews but sold quite well for 2K games upon its release.

Dead By Daylight is a survival horror themed online multiplayer game where the players must take on the role of survivors or the killer. It's set up as a 4 v 1 match type where the survivors must work together to escape the killer before he murders them or the match ends. It received some positive reviews praising the combo of survival horror and multiplayer.

The other games available for subscribers are Bound By Flame and Serious Sam 3 BFE for PS3 owners and Draw Slasher and Space Hulk for Vita owners. Playsation VR owners can download First-Person horror game Here They Lie. All mentioned games are available for download now.

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