Proxy Union – just started its KS campaign

Proxy Union is a game developed by Digital Native Xtudio and yesterday went on KickStarter to get enough funds for the further development.

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A universe where everyone's characters can team up and battle it out, or just have a nice cup of tea together~

It's hard for every small studio to come to KickStarter and try to get interest of people around the world who would spend money on a new game. And in development. You must be really original and you must have great marketing. Without these few things it's hard to win. Visit the game's Kickstarster page to find out more details on this new indie game or just check the profile here on Keengamer.

Will Digital Native Xtudio be successful? Hard to say because it's only one day live but with only six backers in the first day it doesn't look very promising. More promo and campaign must be done and because we don't know if the developers plan to do so at least we can write few things here to help them.

Take a look at the following video to get better understanding of the game:

What else the developers say?

Proxy Union is a PvE/PvP multiplayer action game.

The PvP mode is where characters from different medias team up and battle each other using their unique skills.

The PvE mode will be a story-mode where the challenges and events are custom to each character.

With so many games out there to play, you can play and/or complete one and move on to the next game but normally none of your efforts, experiences or items move with you to the next games. So what we propose is to create a system that will do exactly what we mentioned above. 

Our goal for this game is not only for it to be a fun game, but to also become a foundation for a system that allows for different developers, artists, games and applications to interact directly with each other, with the introduction of the following features:

Card System

Trading cards with different effects in the game.

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Community Chosen Characters 

Community of artists and developers can put their characters up to vote for the community of players to vote on.

Community Driven Customization 

The community will get the ability to select the characters they wish to be added to the game. Users will be given free reign on creating and voting in items and equipment they wish to see added to the game. 


Three of the six characters currently designed for Proxy Union have been implemented.

Visit the KS page to learn more and if you like the game then support it and get one of the several rewards the studio is offering.

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    We are trying our best to get as much visibility as we can, but marketing isn’t really our strong suit, so its really cool of guys to post something like this for us! Thank you!


    To all readers out there, feel free to ask us any questions on the kickstarter page and we will answer them!



    Thank you~


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