Project Genesis: Space PVP Arriving This Month

Fly and fight your way to victory in upcoming sci-fi themed PVP, Project Genesis. Leap into space battles and ship combat, teaming up with your friends and online players to complete the objectives before the timer runs out. Suit up and get to your ship. It’s time to head into battle.

Project Genesis: Space PVP Arriving This Month.

At the end of May, Project Genesis will go into early access, immersing us in a sci-fi PVP ‘that fuses two types of gameplay: ship to ship combat with FPS close quarters battles’. We can team up with our friends and other players to fight in space and aboard vessels to complete our objectives.


Controls: Each of the controls has been designed to be easy to use, with third-person space flight and a clear HUD. We will be able to keep track of everything going on around us like the health of our player and the ship’s hull. There will also be an energy metre for consumable resources, our primary and secondary weapons, and our abilities. The transition from first-person to third-person is seamless, without changing the HUD.

Get to your ship and blast down the enemy in upcoming space PVP, Project Genesis.

Get to your ship and blast down the enemy in upcoming space PVP, Project Genesis.

Matches: Matches will consist of a best-of-three system, with later rounds relying on earlier results. Victory can be claimed once a team has completed their objective within the given time restraints. A third round will be played should each team be tied by the end of the second round.

Avatars: Project Genesis will allow us to choose which avatars we want to play as to suit our play style. As well as this, we will also have player progression to level up and unlock new ships, weapons, and avatars. 

Seasons: As with many PVP games, Project Genesis will feature seasons that are formulated around story elements and competitive gameplay. Each season will include limited content, cosmetics, and collectable items.

Project Genesis Pre-Alpha Teaser

Project Genesis will be available on PC (Steam) on 22 May 2020.

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