Project CARS 3 Might Receive Free Tracks After Launch

According to Slightly Mad Studios' social media manager, the infamous Project CARS 3 might receive free post-launch DLC's. Surprise to the community, but definitely what we all hoped for. It's a decent plan to save the franchise from all criticism and hate recently.

Project CARS 3 Might Receive New Tracks At LaunchThe launch of Project CARS 3 is just around the corner, and the game is facing more criticism than ever. With the recent track and car list announcement, the game has let fans down even more. With the few amount of new-to-game cars and removed tracks, more players have completely lost interest whatsoever. Fortunately, there might be some free DLC coming after release.

According to the team, the game will receive free post-launch updates. Slightly Mad Studios’ social media manager went out to the community on the official discord and stated that “DLC will include both tracks and cars (which one, I can’t tell you right now) Unless something dramatically changes, tracks will be given for free”. It’s not confirmed whether or not the updates will be entirely free for all players; however, it’d be a good decision from the studio. Considering the massive outrage, I personally think it’s best for the team to release free content. 

Looking back at Project CARS 2, we did not receive any free post-launch content except a very few cars. Most likely, it usually comes down to costs and how much the team can give without charging players money. Slightly Mad Studios is relatively new, and comparing to other large franchises such as Need For Speed or Forza, Project CARS does not hit the same sale figures and therefore does not get the same amount of income. 

Project CARS 3 - What Drives You

The developers have listened to the feedback and, if they’re smart enough, they will give us free tracks. In the current state, the game does not seem to deliver the quality that fans asked for. It’s not too late to fix the problem, but it might take some time.

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