Professional Wrestler Booker T is Suing Activision

In a year of lawsuits against game developers, The Five-Time, Five-Time, Five-Time, Five-Time, Five-Time, WCW Champion is going after Call of Duty publisher Activision. His lawsuit alleges that multiplayer character Prophet is based on his "G.I Bro" persona.

Professional Wrestler Booker T is Suing Activision
Another day, another lawsuit in gaming. No, it is not Fortnite. This time around, WWE wrestler Booker T is suing Activision other claims that Black Ops 4 character, Prophet is based on his likeness. In a lengthy statement posted online, his representation, Micah Dortch of Potts Law Firm has said:

“Prophet” is too similar to the “G.I. Bro” comic book action hero character he created based on one of his early pro wrestling personas."

 Micah Dortch goes on to say:

"Booker T. has devoted a significant amount of time and money creating and organically growing his G.I. Bro character"

"That entrepreneurial investment should not be erased by such a blatant act of copyright infringement by a gaming juggernaut.” 

Professional Wrestler Booker T is Suing Activision
You can read the full statement from Booker T's representation here

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