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Prey’s soundtrack is now available to buy and stream

Get your headphones out because the original soundtrack for upcoming video game prey is now available to buy and stream.

Prey's soundtrack is now available to buy and stream
Bethesda has announced that the full original soundtrack for Prey is now available to buy and stream online. It is available from music distribution companies such as on Itunes and Spotify.

The full track list is as follows:

  • “The Experiment” by Mick Gordon
  • “Everything Is Going to Be Okay” by Mick Gordon
  • “Typhon Voices” by Mick Gordon
  • “The Phantoms” by Mick Gordon
  • “Into the Tunnels” by Matt Piersall
  • “Human Elements” by Mick Gordon
  • “The Truth Will Set You Free” by Mick Gordon
  • “No Gravity” by Mick Gordon
  • “Alex Theme” by Mick Gordon
  • “December and January” by Mick Gordon
  • “Neuromods” by Mick Gordon
  • “Stranded” by Ben Crossbones
  • “Semi Sacred Geometry” by Raphael Colantonio and Matt Piersall
  • “Mind Game” by Raphael Colantonio, Production and Electronics by Matt Piersall

Prey is an upcoming first-person sci-fi action game developed by Arkane Studios and releasing on May 5th on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can currently get a free demo for the game on PS4 and Xbox One.

Will you be listening to the soundtrack? Feel free to let us know down in the comments.

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