Preview for MomoCon 2023

MomoCon 2023 will be coming in at the end of May. For those not familiar with MomoCon, here is a little preview for what's in store. MomoCon 2023 will include a collection of fun events, fan creations, and tournaments.

Preview for MomoCon 2023

The month of MomoCon 2023 is here and soon MomoCon will be taking the city of Atlanta by storm. Here is a quick preview of what to expect for the convention. Stay tuned to KeenGamer for those unable to attend the event as it will also be covered here so rest assured. MomoCon truly is the event that when it comes to fandom, is truly when summer begins. Although there are usually no big announcements or reveals like for New York Comic Con, or other big conventions, MomoCon is a great to explore the area and get to meet entertainers from multiple different genres. To the actors that give a voice to our favorite anime characters, to indie developers sharing their creativity. 

What Is MomoCon?

MomoCon, in a nutshell, brings fans of nerd culture for those uninitiated. Bringing together fans of anime, American animation, comics, manga, video games, and tabletop gaming, while also allowing fans to express themselves with great cosplay of people’s favorite characters. MomoCon will be a collection of fandoms, from anime to American comics, to video games even to special panels with artists, actors, and voice actors. It is a collective event of culture and fandom gathered in the city of Atlanta.

For patrons of MomoCon, tickets are still being sold up to the date the doors open. It is imperative to get tickets before the doors open to get the best price to experience all the con has to offer. It is also important that patrons download the MomoCon event app to keep track of panels and events of interest. There is a lot going on during the MomoCon weekend, so it important to get in when possible. 

Momocon Cover for 2020

MomoCon Cover for 2020

This Year

MomoCon starts on May 25, 2023, all the way to the 28th. With the convention comes multiple events, such as tournaments for video games and tabletop games, and cosplay. This year, there is Guiness World Record title attempt for the most Spider-Men cosplayers in honor of the future release of the Spiderverse movie. With the voice actor for Miles Morales for the PS5 Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and the current voice of Miles in animated work. He’s not the only voice of Spidey in attendance, as Yuri Lowenthal will be attending as well.

There are plenty of sights to see and people to meet. Registration is still open and those able to attend may purchase tickets on the website. Along with the tickets, it is helpful to download the MomoCon app available on the Apple Store and Google Play. The app will display panels schedules, events, and concerts. Wishing everyone a great time at MomoCon, and for those unable to attend, stay tuned to KeenGamer for more information. 

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