Pre-load Battleborn now. Open Beta starts tomorrow on PS4

Battleborn, a new shooter from Gearbox Software, comes out on May 3. No matter the platform, the game is available for pre-downloading.

Gearbox Software (the awesome guys behind Borderlands series), has been working hard for the last few years. They’ve created a new game, Battleborn. The game comes out in May, this year. However, you can try it tomorrow in the Open Beta stage if you own PS4. Moreover, you can pre-download it today on any platform, and experience it on April 13th if you play on Xbox or PC.

Here are some useful links:

PS4 Open Beta
Xbox Open Beta
PC Open Beta

Lastly, here’s a 12-minute trailer for you. It provides a rather good explanation and presentation of what to expect tomorrow, or on April 13th if you are not an owner of the PS4.

Battleborn Bootcamp Trailer

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