PQube’s Horror Game White Day To Haunt PS4 Consoles Soon

PQube will bring Korean horror game White Day to western shores this upcoming August. Beware of the malevolent spirits that roam school grounds at night.

PQube's Horror Game White Day To Haunt PS4 Consoles Soon
Korean horror title White Day: A Labyrinth Named School just got confirmed to be heading over to the PS4 later this year. Publisher PQube will bring the title to western shores on August 1st. The game is a remake of the original which was made by developer Sonnori and launched on PC exclusively back in 2001. New studio Roi Games is now handling development of the remake and has taken the challenge to bring the game outside of Asia. Check out the video below for a glimpse of what's to come.

White Day - Teaser Trailer - Coming August 2017!

The game has you play the role of high school student Hui-min Lee who transfers to Yeondoo High where he quickly finds himself trapped inside the building overnight among the evil spirits that wander the halls. The game will have you stay on your toes as you gather limited resources that can help you stay alive. Difficulty levels will apparently play a role in how intense and frequent scares can be in the game. The game also includes dialogue options with which you can both shape your relationships with the other classmates as well as determine whether they live or die. Chances of the gaming having a high replay value are there as well with nine different endings to unlock. It definitely looks like an experience to consider for any horror fan.

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