Potentially Leaked DLC Car Coming To Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3 is not more than 2 months old and we're looking ahead of DLC packs coming soon. One car may have been leaked on Facebook by a company who's importing Japanese cars. The car may or may not appear in Project CARS 3, but it'll definitely appear in a game soon.

Potentially Leaked DLC Car Coming To Project CARS 3Project CARS 3 may not be the most successful racing game, but it’s still being played by people all over the world. Plenty of rumors are being spread on the Internet, and we’re not sure whether they’re true or not. However, a recent Facebook post, uploaded by a company who import Japanese cars, shows a Mazda Autozam AZ-1 being sound recorded by Codemasters. In the post, the company said, “they recorded all the sounds from our little Mazda Autozam AZ-1 out on track, to be used in an upcoming game they are developing”. They stated it’s for an upcoming game, which may be confusing because no one heard about an upcoming game other than Dirt 5. Otherwise, they could refer to a Project CARS 3 expansion pack. 

It’s presumably not the Dirt series since it’s not a rally car. Considering they mentioned “upcoming game”, this could be leaked information about an upcoming racing game. Nevertheless, we can’t be too sure because they could refer to an expansion pack coming next year to Project CARS 3. We will eventually have more information soon.

Project CARS 3 | Launch Trailer

Whether the Information is true or not, we know, for sure, that it’s coming to a racing game. Slightly Mad Studios have previously stated that the game will receive DLC, and it might even be free for players. This could be a potential, but it’s a matter of time when we’ll see it appear in a game.