Post Malone to Head Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary Virtual Concert

The official Pokemon Twitter account posted a video featuring Post Malone. He will be participating in the Virtual Concert on February 27th. The anniversary is going to be packed with Katy Perry, also one of the artists on deck to perform!

Post Malone to Head Pokémon's 25th Anniversary Virtual Concert

In a tweet that surprised their fans, The Pokemon Company revealed that Post Malone will be joining the virtual concert on February 27, also known as Pokemon Day. He will join Katy Perry as one of the artists performing at the event.

The tweet received overall positive feedback but left Alex Moukala, a music producer and YouTuber, asking for smaller artists to be included in the concert as well.

Post Malone can also be recalled saying that he’s been a fan of the series ever since he was little. He also owns a Game Boy Color just so he can play Pokemon. The events don’t stop there, though. There’s a lot of stuff happening in the games, such as the giving away of a Pikachu that can use Sing in Pokemon Sword and Shield, which is a rare ability for an Electric-type Pokemon. This ties-in to the somewhat musical-focused event based on the information they currently have out.

Pokemon Go players can also log in on Feb 20 to experience the Tour: Kanto event; there’s more information about the events on the website. The anniversary for Pokemon is just a few weeks away, but they still haven’t released any news regarding any new installments or remakes. However, speculation was running around a few months ago regarding a Diamond and Pearl remake. This is only a rumor, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

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