Possible Unfound Secrets Left in Stardew Valley

Farmers, think you found all of the secrets in Stardew Valley? Well, Eric Barone, the lone creator of the game, feels like some things have been left uncovered so far by players. No hints are given away, and with a new update in the works, players better get a headstart to find what's not been found.

Possible Unfound Secrets Left in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley may seem simple on the surface as a little indie game made by one man, Eric Barone, who felt inspired by Harvest Moon. Even then, secrets litter the pixelated world for players to find. The creator responded to a fan on Twitter to reveal he thinks there are some hidden gems left uncovered by the millions of farmers around the world.

Finding secrets in Stardew Valley range from the painfully difficult to the obscure. One example is when shaking a specific bush in the northwest of Pelican Town at 12:00 p.m., you’ll be given a Junimo Plush. Others can happen in the title screen, like typing the letter “E” ten times will bring out an alien who will wave at you before exiting back to its home.

The most recent update was back in November, which could have brought in more hidden goodies that players may want to find. The 1.4 update gives farmers access to a movie theater, new events, and plenty more additional content. More free content is on the way as the 1.5 patch is in the works.

After four years of working and crunching alone on his debut into the video game industry, Barone is developing two new games. One will be a non-farming title in the world of Stardew, and the other will also tie into his successful 2016 farming simulator, which has sold 10 million copies.

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