Possible Cover Art For The New Far Cry Game Has Leaked

Ubisoft is teasing a new Far Cry game announcement at tonight's Video Game Awards. What could possibly be the cover art for the new Far Cry game is circulating on Twitter which reveals a possible subtitle for the game.

Possible Cover Art For The New Far Cry Game Has Leaked


WARNING. there are spoilers for Far Cry 5 in this article.

Rumor time folks. We know there’s a new Far Cry getting announced during The Game Awards but some potential cover art has shown up on Twitter revealing the game’s title.

So, Far Cry: New Dawn huh? It lines up with Far Cry 5‘s nuclear apocalypse ending I guess. As always, take it with a grain of salt but Nibel has always been pretty good for this kind of stuff. More importantly, what kind of conclusions can we draw from the cover art? The two lead characters on the front could mean a bigger emphasis on co-op? We’ve had full open-world co-op in previous Far Cry games. The woman on the right seems to be holding a rather unique looking weapon so perhaps the arsenal might be a bit more colorful. Most importantly, why is that pour soul strapped to a wrecked car?

Either way, we still don’t know much but we’ll be seeing a full reveal of the game during tonight’s Game Awards.

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