Portal Returns, Bridging The Gap To Indie

The Portal license has gotten around in the last few years. What started out as an Orange Box bonus, bundled in with a Half Life / Team Fortress 2 package become a lovable and recognisable franchise across the world. It has seen sequels and even enjoyed a VR outing with The Lab on the HTC Vive. Now, the beloved little black stick men of Aperture Science return and they’re all about bridges! Because why not?

Portal Returns, Bridging The Gap To Indie
The return of Portal continues to play on trans-dimensional brain teasers in Bridge Constructor: Portal. As you may guess from the name, Valve has made a deal with Bridge Constructor creators, Clockstone Software. In this collaboration title, it will be up to the player to create bridges to see vehicles from one side of a level to the other. Of course, the twist is – we’ll have to get smart with portals and make good use of momentum to complete these areas. The game will feature our favourite little stickmen and of course GLaDOS will be around to taunt us in classic Valve fashion.

Portal Returns, Bridging The Gap To Indie - Portal puzzles return in a new form!
The more we look at screenshots and what little footage is available right now, the more we think how oddly well this is going to work. It may not be the place many imagined Portal would end up but by bridging the gap to the indie scene, who knows what Valve will cook up next. After all, we still haven’t gotten over our love / hate relationship with GLaDOS. 

Bridge Constructor: Portal will be available for download from December 20th on PC, MAC, Linux and mobile. Console owners need not despair as the title is also slated for arrival on PS4, Switch and Xbox One early next year. Happy bridge building! 

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