Pokkén Tournament – new info

Check out the all new info for Pokkén Tournament featuring all new support Pokemon and all new features for the Wii U.

Pokkén Tournament
Recently Gamexplain released an all new video for Pokkén Tournament featuring the all new support Pokemon and new features coming to the Wii U.

The support Pokemon consist of Cubone, Diglet, Magniton, Quagsire, Espeon, and Umbreon. Cubone will be able to use Bonemerang, which is a quick, long range attack, and will bring opponents to you.Diglet uses dig, Magneton will be able to Tri attack, and will lower your opponents speed. Quadsire uses mud bomb, which can be used to damage your opponents on the ground even when they’re guarding. Espeon uses Morning Sun which removes status conditions, and is able to restore health. Umbreon uses Snarwl prevents opponents to obtain critical hits.

Then we have the new features such as the Ferrum League, which is only exclusive to the Wii U version. Here you’ll beat through different stages, and you’ll be able to gain more support Pokemon and Battle Arenas, and where there are four types of ranks: Green, Red, Blue, and Chrome. Players will also be able to customize their trainer by skin tone, gender, hair, and more as go through the league, and compete against many types of trainers, which some are unique to the Wii U version. There’s also Practice mode, Free Training mode, and the Combo Dojo which will help you obtain new skills, and attacks, and finally there’s My Town where you’ll be able to customize your characters appearance and clothing, and will be able to spread the in-game currency.

Pokkén Tournament - New Support Pokémon & Wii U Features!

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