Pokkén Tournament – new gameplay footage

Check out this all new gameplay footage from Pokkén Tournament featuring the local multiplayer mode.

Pokkén Tournament
Today Gamexplain uploaded onto their YouTube channel new gameplay footage from Pokkén Tournament featuring the Local Mutiplayer, and it is also here we see a battle between Weavile and Sceptile using many different attacks. One of things that enjoyed was that it looks like when your battling against opponents it looks like your actually able to fight with your Pokemon and move around, which I didn’t know that was the case, because I was still unsure on what the game was until now. I knew it was a fighting game involving Pokemon, but that was it I didn’t know how the game was going to be portrayed, but this definitely gives me a better idea on game itself, and I think I’ll enjoy the game, because it looks good so far.

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