3 New Pokémon and A New Map Coming To Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE has revealed the next part of their Anniversary celebrations for September, which started a few weeks ago with the addition of a new Pokémon. The second half of the celebration promises to bring 3 new Pokémon to the table, a brand new map coming to the game and a handful of new events and activities for players to engage with.


3 New Pokémon and A New Map Coming to Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE has just revealed the next 3 new Pokémon joining the game in September as the tail-end of their Anniversary celebrations. They also announced that a brand new map is coming to the game.

The first new Pokémon coming to the game is the Mythical Generation 1 Pokémon Mew. This small pink Pokemon has the special trait of being able to learn more moves than other Pokémon, with the bonus of being able to learn and forget new moves throughout the battle. Mew is an Attacker unit, joining the long roster of Attackers already in Pokémon UNITE on September 2nd

The next new Pokémon coming are Dodrio and Scizzor. Dodrio is coming on September 14th and it seems likely that this will be the very first new Speedster since the game was originally released in August of last year. Meanwhile, Scizzor is joining the game on September 28th and seems like a good fit for the All-Rounder class – we got a better look at some of Scizzor’s moves and they seem to include Bullet Punch, Mach Punch and Double Team.

Pokémon UNITE will also be getting its first new map. The Theia Sky Ruins is a new ancient-looking map with the same base structure as the original Stadium map. As such, this should make its way to regular play and maybe even ranked. You will encounter a lot of Legendary Pokémon here, with Regieleki likely replacing Rotom on the top lane and the bottom lane appears to be getting Regirock, Regice and Registeel. Rayquaza will be taking over for Zapdos and the central Legendary to fight.

Theia Sky Ruins

Theia Sky Ruins

They also released a new roadmap on what will be coming to Pokémon UNITE over the following weeks. There will be an event where you are asked to collect Mural Fragments. If you manage to collect enough, you can earn the new Pokémon Mew Unite License for free. There will also be a 2-part event about uncovering the Theia Sky Ruins, with part 1 lasting from September 2nd to around September 20th and part 2 running until October 12th.

Perhaps the most exciting new event or mode coming is the Legacy Trainer Battle mode. In this mode, you will fight against AI-controlled opponents with teams headed by Pokémon series Champions and characters. These include the Galar Champion Leon and his Charizard and Sinnoh Champion Cynthia and her Garchomp. Other trainers joining the battle are Blue and her Blastoise, Raihan and his Duraldon and Korrina and her Lucario. These fights will take place on the Theia Sky Ruins and will award special currencies to players.

Alongside that, the returning player campaign will be continuing throughout part 2 of the Anniversary celebrations. This includes the log-in campaign for free Unite Licenses and Holowear for Pikachu, Blastoise, Sylveon, Lucario and Snorlax. This runs until October 12th alongside the returning trainer support event. 

Pokémon UNITE is currently already celebrating the first part of its Anniversary, with new modes, Holowear and the introduction of 3 new Pokémon: Glaceon, Buzzwole and Tyranitar. You can play Pokémon UNITE for free on iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch devices. 


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