Pokémon TV is Now Available Free on the Switch

The Pokémon TV app has arrived on the Nintendo Switch. The free app allows you to watch the Pokémon TV series, movies, TCG matches, and more. The one caveat is that you will naturally need to be in a place with internet access to use it.

Pokémon TV is Now Available Free on the Switch

Pokémon and anime fans can now watch the Pokémon TV series on their Nintendo Switch. The Pokémon TV app is a free download in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Previously it was available on mobile and tablet devices. Pokémon fans already have a lot to look forward to, and this might help them kill the time until the upcoming Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes come out, as well as Pokémon Legends: Arceus. By the way, Nintendo also just announced pre-order bonuses for the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes.

The Pokémon TV app allows fans to watch various seasons of the TV series, as well as some of the movies, and select Pokémon TCG tournament matches and tips. This can help players up their game before their next battle. The developers also just launched a new Junior category with extra content for younger fans. Furthermore, the video library in the app is updated regularly.

Pokémon TV on Nintendo Switch 📺🎮


No doubt you already guessed that the Pokémon TV app on Switch requires an internet connection to use. The only other requirement is the 108MB needed to install the app on your Nintendo Switch. You can link your Pokémon Trainer Club account via a QR code or an internet link on your phone. However, this is not necessary, since you also have the option to log into the app as a guest. So those without an account don’t need to go create one unless they want to.

With the Pokémon TV app, fans can relive (or experience for the first time) the adventures of Ash and his friends. His travels took him from the Kanto region to Galar, and through many places along the way. All the while, Ash faced off in many battles and made plenty of new friends. However, it wasn’t all fun and games. A number of villains stood against him as well, such as the oft-thwarted Team Rocket. [wpdiscuz-feedback id=”bdzctokcwu” question=”What do you think about the new Nintendo Switch Pokémon TV app?” opened=”1″]What do you think about the new Nintendo Switch Pokémon TV app?[/wpdiscuz-feedback]



  1. You know what? That is actually kind of cool. I hope this is a sign that the Switch will start getting more media apps.

    • I thought so too, especially since there isn’t much of that sort of thing on Switch.


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