Pokémon Trading Card Game Live Coming Soon to Mobile and Desktop Platforms

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is getting a remix with the new Pokémon Trading Card Game Live. This new relaunch of the trading card game is set to release sometime in the future and will be available for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, as well as Windows and Mac.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Live Coming Soon to Mobile and Desktop Platforms cover

The Pokémon Company recently announced Pokémon Trading Card Game Live and offered a sneak peek on their official YouTube channel. Not many details were given in the duration of the trailer, but the trading card game is expected to release on mobile for Android and iOS as well as for desktop including PC and Mac.

According to the information provided on The Pokémon Trading Card Games’ official website, players can add cards to their collection by scanning code cards or purchasing in-game booster packs, as well as participating in daily quests, among others. This will allow players to build their own custom powerful decks, which they can use to battle trainers all over the world. The game will launch in various languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese for an even more inclusive experience for Pokéfans everywhere.

The Pokémon Trading Card game was initially released in March 2011 as a browser-based game, under the name “The Pokémon Trainer Challenge.” The game was then relaunched as Pokémon TCG Online in May 2012 and was developed by Dire Wolf Digital. Now, 9 years later, Pokémon trainers will see yet another relaunch of the digital trading card game.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Live 🎮 [SNEAK PEEK] 👀 | Official Trailer

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